OIL/Acrylic on canvas

Size : 30”X34”


In this painting radha in mesmerized by the sweet sound of music that she is playing in flute while thinking of her beloved Krishna. It's her way of meeting with her dear friend sitting by the banks of Yamuna river beneath the tree she wishes to see him. She closes her eyes and plays the 5th note within that forest of vrindavan and as she plays the surroundings just comes to life. Flowers blossom, butterfly’s are fluttering, river flowing and complementing her music. The whole scenario is just magical and mystical. Use of Blue and Green gives a feeling of lively moments and yellow transcript the illumination of soul by the sound of flute.


Ek Bar Radha Ne Krishna Se Puchha: Apne Mujhse Prem Kiya..Lekin Shadi Rukmani Se Ki..Aisa Kyu..?
Krishna Ne Haste Hue Kaha: Radhe..Shadi Me Do Log Chahiye..Shadi Ke Liye Do Dil Aur Do Shareer Chahiye..Aur Hum To Ek Shreer Aur Ek Jan Hain..Tum Hi Batao Radha Aur Krishna Me Dusra Kaun Hai..Hum To Pahle Se Hi Ek Hain..Fir Hume Vivah Karne Ki Kya Aavashyakta..! 


Is ekaki ko pane ke liye he radha basuri bajati hai